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Commercial Clothes Washers for
Professional Fabricare Facilities

professional fabricare market product iconA growing percentage of items funneled through progressive drycleaning/fabricare facilities are now wetcleaned—often with superior results over traditional methods. Wetcleaning helps fabricare and drycleaning operations comply with rigid environmental regulations regarding the use of cancer-causing perchloreoethylene (perc). Wetcleaning is not only less labor intensive than drycleaning, it's safer. It is an effective option for cleaning suedes, leathers, silks, cotton and more!

Fabricare professionals are looking for wetcleaning machines with programmability, chemical injection capabilities and multiple extract speeds. E-Series Commercial Washer-Extractors offer programmable extract speeds up to 387 G-force and variable wash speeds, fill levels and temperature by degree on every bath. They are wetcleaning machines packed with features designed to improve productivity, simplify the wash process and turnout a consistent, quality result. When teamed with Pro-Series Industrial Ironers and Commercial Dryers, fabricare and drycleaning operations realize even more benefits.

Team them with Pro-Series Commercial Dryers and
Flatwork Industrial Ironers

Continental Pro-Series Flatwork Industrial Ironers allow linens to be fed directly from the washer to the ironer, which eliminates dryer conditioning altogether. In doing so, items can be finished in considerably less time using less labor and utilities. When items require drying, Continental's Pro-Series Commercial Dryers offer programmable controls, ease of use and built-in safety features.